• <span>Microsoft Direct CSP </span> for <strong>Azure and Office 365</strong>

    Microsoft Direct CSP for Azure and Office 365

    Excellent service for over 25 years!
    24/7 remote and onsite support
    Free onsite evaluation or first onsite services!



  • <span>Certified Services</span> for <strong>Local Businesses</strong>

    Certified Services for Local Businesses

    Excellent service for over 25 years!
    Reasonable price and same day repair
    Highly experienced tech, service quality guaranteed!

  • <span>Cloud Computing </span> and  <strong>support anytime, anywhere</strong>

    Cloud Computing and support anytime, anywhere

    Excellent service for over 25 years! We Offer:
    Multi-site VPN, Cloud Backup, Virtual PC Hosting
    Barracuda Web/Email Gateway, Home Office Solutions


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    Office 365 Sales and Services

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    Small Business IT Support

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    Data Center IT Services

Office 365


Locally, we are only MAC and PC motherboard level repair shop and high level data recovery agency. We can fix anything related to your MAC and PC.

We started our business in 1991. Since then we have built ongoing long-term relationships with customers throughout the community and also from afar. Through all the new technology and changes in the market, we are grateful to remain in service and for keeping our high quality service tradition going strong. Our secret is to provide the highest possible diversified services with lowest prices for all our customers.

Our Services


Our services provide total solution to your business, which include servers, computers, business accounting, networking and security. Technology is evolving fast, business owners have hard time to catch up. Since starting our business in 1991, our technical team have never stopped learning. We are readily to provide the best solutions for you and your business. From servers, workstation repairs, enterprise computing, Microsoft Office products, Business Accounting, HIPPA compliant application, ERP/CRM solutions, wired and wireless networking, and to multi-site VPN connectivity, our business services cover all the technology needed to run your business.

Managed IT Support


Centrally managed IT services are much better than internal company hired technicians. The advantages of a team are team effort, knowledge and reliability. Our IT management staff are the best in research and problem solving. Our strength is to provide IT knowledge and information which help your business run more efficiently and excel in productivity. Beginning in 2001, we have provided high level HIPPA compliant IT support. We have many ongoing customers for over 15 years. We offer dependability with IT team effort to provide 24/7 support, reliability, and preventive measures all at low cost.