Server/Workstation Setup/Repair

For over 25 years, OA Technology has helped businesses in managing servers, users, accounts, and security policies which is critical to the overall success of business operation. Our centralized management infrastructure enables businesses to create and manage server user privileges, authentication, and security within a hosted environment. This is far more efficient, secure and cost effective than localized server management.

Implementing the "No-Wire PC" concept to business workstations, our goal is to get rid of power cables, network cables and other accessory cables to provide clean operational environment.

The Centralized Management component of the Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting uses Active Directory directory service tools and best practices to centrally manage users, accounts, servers, group policies, and services while acting as the central authority for network security.

By centrally managing servers, your systems administrators maintain internal user accounts and security policies in a single central location, applying policies to hundreds of servers simultaneously rather than on each server. Centralized management also facilitates delegation of access privileges to users outside your organization, such as resellers and customers. Incorporating the Centralized Management component into your hosting solution helps to reduce operational and support costs, improve security, and lower risk through consistent policy application. In addition, Centralized Management gives you the opportunity to offer value-added management services to your customers.