Enterprise Computing

Centralized computer and network solutions to coordinate business day to day operation from server/workstation security, computer user profiles, applications, email, and website.

Centralized Computer Management

There are many benefits of using a Centralized Management as it brings network security and control to one single location. The top-down policies thus facilitate throughout the entire network which can include several servers and numerous workstations. This provides consistency, reduction in costs, better management, and reduced effort in maintaining the business platform as time goes on. Several locations can be combined as one with a shared database. Reliability and availability of most updated data is shared by network users which increases operational performance. Incorporating the Centralized Management is vital to any business which only improves functionality on a daily basis for employees connected both locally and for any users working remotely.

Microsoft Exchange email

By using Microsoft Exchange Server, companies have constant access to their email from anywhere around the world and across a multitude of electronic platforms from computers to handheld devices. Microsoft Office Outlook users have the ability to bring contacts from different networks and several mailboxes under one application. Employees are able to share calendar events through email which Outlook will then set a reminder for the pertaining event to recipients. The simplicity of the Outlook interface allows for better organization and maximizes functionality. Synchronization is ongoing in which all devices are updated simultaneously allowing for the most current email to be available. For those on travel the Outlook Web App grants easy and secured access to one's email as long as there is internet access without the need for additional equipment or software.

Skype for Business

Online communication has been a popular medium for the last few decades. Skype for Business allows users instant messaging, both video and voice calling features, video conferencing, and presentation through the Microsoft Office platform. Online meetings can be held without the need for those attending to be in one physical location. International phone calls can be made at low cost with the Skype Manager platform tracking and monitoring expenses per call. Skype for Business also offers direct calling to mobile devices, if applicable. For those working in the field with limited time for face to face meetings, a simple Skype video call becomes essential and is the perfect solution. Microsoft Lync is now Skype for Business. This combination retains the enterprise features of the previous Microsoft Lync while offering the user-friendly interface of Skype.