Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don't make it worse!

Data Recovery

If your hard drive is not working and you have important data on it, please STOP and DON'T MAKE IT WORSE.

We have helped end-users and business professionals recover data for over 10 years. We will put our best efforts to get your data back. The recovery of stored data can be done from any type of storage device, or operating system.
We can recover data from most operating systems, including unusual or obsolete systems. Never leave data in unqualified engineering hands, as data recovery requires years of experience.

For hard drives with extensive damage there is a change that data is unrecoverable. Due to this factor we offer a FREE basic evaluation that will provide you an estimate on recovery costs for your precious information.

  • $0Basic Diagnose
  • $50Advanced Diagnose
  • $125Level 1 Data Recovery
  • $30Replace Circuit Board
  • $250LevelĀ 2 Data Recovery
  • $350+Server Raid data Recovery
  • $800+Disk Rebuild