Reasonable price and same day repair
Highly experienced tech, service quality guaranteed!


Virus Removal, Starting at $45!

Our service assures that all viruses, adware, spyware, software/registry errors, and slow performance are corrected. For all cases we offer a free diagnosis and will aim for same-day fix! Our current promotion offers a 1-Year licensed antivirus software complementary with your deep clean.

Gaming Computer, Low Cost & Flawless Design

For both budget and high-end gamers look no further. Our setup model for gaming PCs use the highest quality parts for functionality, appearance, and also performance. We are knowledgeable on all areas both software and hardware to produce the finest gaming machines to outperform, all at affordable rates!

Desktop Repair, Free to Diagnose

For all your desktop computers we have all the best hardware fix solutions available and assure that component upgrades will maximize performance for all your PCs.

Laptop Repair, Best Solutions for Any Model

All your portable laptop solutions in one place. Please visit us today so that we can help you correct any issues your are having with your PC and/or MAC laptop. Our experience will pinpoint the best solution for your device so that it full function is restored at its best performance. We work with all models and the initial inspection is free.