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Data Recovery

If your hard drive is not working and you have important data on it, please STOP and DON'T MAKE IT WORSE.

We have helped end-users and business professionals recover data for over 10 years. We will put our best efforts to get your data back. The recovery of stored data can be done from any type of storage device, or operating system.
We can recover data from most operating systems, including unusual or obsolete systems. Never leave data in unqualified engineering hands, as data recovery requires years of experience.

For hard drives with extensive damage there is a change that data is unrecoverable. Due to this factor we offer a FREE basic evaluation that will provide you an estimate on recovery costs for your precious information.

  • $0Basic Diagnose
  • $50Advanced Diagnose
  • $125Level 1 Data Recovery
  • $30Replace Circuit Board
  • $250Level 2 Data Recovery
  • $350+Server Raid data Recovery
  • $800+Disk Rebuild

Data Center IT Services

Enterprise Computing

Centralized computer and network solutions to coordinate business day to day operation from server/workstation security, computer user profiles, applications, email, and website.

Cloud Computing

Utilizing the latest technology to reduce costs, increase productivity, maintain operational reliability, and ensure security.

Security-HIPPA Compliant

Partner with Siena Healthcare solution, we have build sophisticated virtual private cloud hosting solution for small and mid-sized medical service providers. Data security is vital for any business. Our professional solutions are targeted to various business models and guaranteed to safeguard.

Server/Workstation Setup/Repair

For over 25 years, OA Technology has helped businesses in managing servers, users, accounts, and security policies which is critical to the overall success of business operation. Our centralized management infrastructure enables businesses to create and manage server user privileges, authentication, and security within a hosted environment. This is far more efficient, secure and cost effective than localized server management.

Implementing the "No-Wire PC" concept to business workstations, our goal is to get rid of power cables, network cables and other accessory cables to provide clean operational environment.

Network Security

With network security in place, your company will experience many benefits. The company will be protected against operation disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Because network security helps protect your customers' data, it reduces the risk of legal action from data theft.

Whether it is a local network or a multi office VPN connectivity, our professional team can provide a smart solution to meet your company’s business and technology needs.

Business Applications

Partner with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Dell, HP, Cisco, Barracuda, Symantec, VERITAS, Sage, SYSPRO and lots more business application vendors, from business accounting, ERP/CRM, Microsoft Solutions, to email marketing, our software administration streamlines business operations, improve efficiency and profitability.

With over 25 years of experience in variety of industries, we can help you to find the right product you need, and also install, configure and maintain it to ensure smooth operation.

Managed IT Services, Start with $100 per month

Dependability with IT team effort to provide 24/7 support, reliability, and preventive measures all at low cost. Working as a team to provide 24/7 IT services that internal  hired IT just can't do. OA Technology has a group of highly knowledge professionals covering variety IT fields from server management, accounting system, ecommerce, networking, phone system to cloud computing.

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