Virus Removal, Starting at $45!

Our service assures that all viruses, adware, spyware, software/registry errors, and slow performance are corrected. For all cases we offer a free diagnosis and will aim for same-day fix! Our current promotion offers a 1-Year licensed antivirus software complementary with your deep clean.

For those of us that have a computer for personal and business use, we expect it to perform at its best.

Viruses come from many sources such as the internet, email, junk programs, advertisement links, and false webpages. They cause system failures, pop-ups, and basically interfere with even basic activities such as web browsing. Antivirus programs try their best to keep up to date with virus definitions but there are constantly new viruses that get in and then disable your antivirus features. These issues can range from system crashes, scam pop-ups freezing your entire display and asking to pay money, and so many more problems. Our service assures that your data is completely saved. We complete all of our virus removal jobs in a timely fashion and run our entire procedure to assure your computer is working at peak performance. We will also make recommendations going forward to keep you protected in the future. We maintain our success rate case after case and try give our best work for all computers we work on.

Our current promotion is an unbeatable offer of $75 for a full software/virus clean. This comes with 1-Year of a fully licensed antivirus program!